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Market Mall Physio & Chiro in Dalhousie is a great choice for back pain, neck pain and more. We have experience treating chronic pain, arthritis, injuries and much more. Not only do we offer tailored treatments to suit your needs but also dedicated healthcare specialists who can help you make a swift recovery! 

You’ll find that Market Mall Physio & Chiro is the answer to all of your rehabilitation needs with our team’s vast repertoire of alternative treatments such as aquatic therapy, acupuncture and nutrition counseling. Market Mall Physio & Chiro believes in educating and empowering patients with recovery. In support of these efforts, our Dalhousie location offers a number of different orthotics that are customized to meet your specific body type and injury type.

Physiotherapy In Dalhousie AB

If you were recently injured, don’t worry—you have us! We develop specifically tailored solutions from our team of sports physiotherapists. It is important to remember that the solution we offer will factor in your body’s unique traits, the injury you’ve suffered from and your existing lifestyle to ensure a high quality customized solution. This means there are powerful answers close to home for all types of problems like yours. 

We’ll target exactly where it hurts with an exercise program that empowers you as quickly and completely as possible while maintaining an achievable plan despite any other obligations or priorities on your plate.

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The Market Mall Physio and Chiro team has a commitment to its patients. Our priority is to come up with the best treatment plan for you, as well as get you back to optimal health. We begin by developing an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs and lifestyle. An initial assessment will help us develop recommendations including a comprehensive course of pain management therapy which can be targeted specifically at the injury in question.

We have specialized team members who are able to deal with injuries caused by things like illness, slips or falls, or other accidents using specific techniques tailored towards each injury type we encounter on our travels through life’s journey.

We are a multidisciplinary healthcare clinic that provides tailored treatment plans to each of our clients. At the Dalhousie Physiotherapy Clinic, we leverage a diverse group of specialists to provide you with complete care. The proactive approach we take ensures that you will recover from your injury and return back to optimal health as soon as possible! 

If pain has been preventing you from living life at its fullest, contact us today for an initial consultation or book an appointment today so we can help get your body back in order. Our team strives to make your healing experience pleasant and memorable.

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