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When it involves the world of sports, few games test your physical and mental capacities quite like tennis.

Sadly, if you’ve played for very long, you are probably familiar with “tennis elbow”, an injury to the common tendon on the outside of the elbow. Also called “radial nerve palsy”, tennis elbow is a kind of tendinosis that generally comes about from excessive use of your wrist and lower arm muscles.

If you’ve ever experienced tennis elbow, you know how painful and frustrating it may be. Frequently, this unpleasant problem is not taken seriously until it starts to hinder your daily life and individual routine. It can even pressure you to stop a few of your best-loved activities if left untreated. As you might imagine, recognizing the indicators at an early stage can be crucial in facilitating a speedy recovery process with little to no irreversible harm.

Thankfully, there’s now a simple answer to this problem: Shockwave treatment for tennis elbow. Not only is this therapy quick and beneficial, it also doesn’t require surgery or extensive recovery time. If you struggle with chronic pain from tennis elbow and wish for a method to get back on the court once again swiftly, keep reading to learn everything you need to know regarding shockwave therapy for tennis elbow.

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a procedure for tennis elbow, chronic tendon injuries, and various other joint or muscle injuries. Shockwave treatment is a non-invasive technique that is used to relieve tennis elbow through the use of high frequency sound waves, which are turned into little pressure waves that travel into the soft tissues.

These sound waves make very small tears in the tendon near the elbow, which triggers brand new collagen to grow, resulting in tissue repair, pain relief and increased movement without scar tissue.

How Exactly Does Shock Wave Treatment Work?

As we’ve indicated above, shockwave treatment utilizes high-intensity acoustic waves to enter the body. The sound waves utilized in shockwave therapy are extremely close to those employed during the course of an ultrasound scan.

The big difference when comparing them is that ultrasound waves have a considerably longer wavelength than shockwave treatment sound waves. Shockwave treatment acoustic waves are significantly shorter and higher in frequency, meaning they can permeate much deeper into the muscle.

Once these waves have penetrated the damaged tissue, they make small tears in the tendon or tissue near the elbow, which causes all new collagen to develop and restore the tendon, resulting in decreased discomfort and increased flexibility.

The treatment’s administered with a wand-like tool that limits the shockwave therapy to only the target tissues in the location affected by tennis elbow. In addition to collagen development, improved blood flow increases the blood supply to the affected area, bringing vital nutrients for tissue healing.

The Benefits of Shockwave Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Shockwave treatment for tennis elbow provides many benefits compared with other treatment options, including:

  • Beneficial Treatment: Shockwave treatment is a proven, effective treatment for tennis elbow. Recovery success rates following shockwave treatment for tennis elbow surpass 95%.
  • No Surgery Required: Lots of folks are afraid to try any type of treatment for tennis elbow that necessitates surgical treatment, which can trigger a delay of treatment. Luckily, shockwave therapy for tennis elbow does not entail surgery; instead, it is a totally non-invasive treatment.
  • No Significant Negative Effects: Shockwave treatment for tennis elbow has very few negative side effects and may be made use of as a therapy for a variety of problems, including things like tennis elbow. The only noted adverse effects of shockwave treatment are slight pain and inflammation at the treatment site.
  • Shortened Treatment Period: Shockwave therapy for tennis elbow is a fast-acting treatment that may be delivered over multiple one-hour appointments. This short treatment period helps ensure that your tennis elbow does not continue any longer than definitely necessary.

Just How Much Does Shock Wave Treatment Cost?

Shockwave treatment for tennis elbow does come at a price, and that cost can vary from $500 to $1,000 per session. The average charge per session is around $700. This cost is just an estimation, as shockwave therapy fees differ depending on the kind of clinic you visit and your insurance policy coverage.

Unlike other tennis elbow therapies, like braces, injections, and rehab exercises, shockwave therapy doesn’t always necessitate out-of-pocket costs. If you have medical insurance coverage, you can visit your healthcare professional to see if they cover tennis elbow therapies, including shockwave therapy.

If you don’t have health insurance, you can still go to a shockwave treatment clinic to get treatment. The cost of the treatment will vary depending upon the clinic you go to. You can also see about any payment plans or financial aid programs supplied by the health clinic to make the procedure more inexpensive.

How to Pick a Qualified Shockwave Treatment Provider?

Much like every other health-related service, it’s important to decide on a qualified Shock Wave therapy professional. Prior to making a visit with a specific physiotherapy centre, make certain it is licensed and follow these standards when picking a shockwave treatment professional:

  • Previous Experience: The best way to figure out a shockwave treatment service provider’s previous experience is by simply inquiring about the experience of the service providers who may be treating you. You may also look online to discover if any of the providers have been evaluated by other patients.
  • Experience With Tennis Elbow: The best shockwave treatment professionals have experience treating tennis elbow and other kinds of tendinitis and injuries.
  • Other Services: See to it the facility you choose administers more than just shockwave therapy. Some facilities also deliver physical therapy and other services that can help your tennis elbow heal sooner.

Final Words: Is Shockwave Treatment Right For You?

If you are experiencing tennis elbow and are trying to find a way to alleviate the discomfort rapidly and without surgery, shockwave treatment may be the right choice for you. Call your local physiotherapy center for more info about shockwave treatment for tennis elbow and to book an appointment.

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