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The REAL question you should be asking is what is the cost of not going to physiotherapy.

The stakes are high- work, family, hobbies, quality of life.

​I recently treated a patient who was having pain in both shoulders and was unable to lift or reach. She was devastated as she had a brand new granddaughter she was not able to hold with fear of dropping her. After 4 sessions of physiotherapy over 2 weeks we eliminated her pain, and with strengthening exercises she was able to hold her! She was over the moon, as you would imagine. ​

​What is the value of physiotherapy

Strong evidence exists to support physiotherapy for treatment. Physiotherapy contributes to improved physical function, allowing you to return to a healthy living, including return to work and recreational activities. Physiotherapy will help you reach your full potential whether that’s cooking a meal for family or climbing that mountain you have been determined to climb.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy:

  • Reduce pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Reduce the need for opioids
  • Improve mobility
  • Improved sleep

​Why are you not seeking the Advice of a Physiotherapist?

Is it the cost? The cost can be a concern for many people. But with many options to get free physiotherapy and the many benefits of seeing a physiotherapist you should not let any obstacles get in your way of your health. Call and find out what type of coverage you may qualify for. ​

Here is the ultimate guide to help you manage the cost of physiotherapy!

​Am I covered for Physiotherapy?

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents Injury
  • Workers Compensation Board Injury
  • Alberta Health Services (Surgery, fracture, low income)
  • Employer Insurance Benefits – ​Physiotherapy is normally included in employer or purchased health benefit plans. Coverage varies from plan to plan and can range from $500 to unlimited so you need to look into the details of your health coverage.
  • Out of Pocket (Private) – ​​If none of the above funded options are available to you then you will have to pay out of your own pocket. But your health is everything, and you are worth the cost! You will always be told the cost of the services when you book your first appointment and then the therapist will give you a detailed treatment plan including expectations and costs after your initial assessment.

​What is direct billing?

Direct billing is the physiotherapy clinic taking on the tedious task of submitting your claim to your insurance company for you! Take advantage of the clinics that provide this service for you. It is convenient and you do not have to pay, as the clinic will directly submit the claim to your insurance company who will provide the payment making it easy and stress free.

What do Canadians spend their money on?

Camping, new pillows, a haircut, a glass of shiraz and a night out with friends for dinner are all great life experiences but if you don’t take care of your physical health you won’t be able to enjoy them. A physiotherapist will get you moving and keep you moving so you can do the things that you love.
So is it worth not seeking out a physiotherapist? If you are not sure that you would benefit from the advice of a physiotherapist you should call our Physio Hotline and speak directly with a Physiotherapist at 403-286-5530.

Call 403-286-5530 to see what coverage applies to your personal situation, our front end staff are ALWAYS happy to answer any questions.

Start feeling better today; invest in your health- you are worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions about Physio Costs

  1. Improve Quality of Life
  2. Reduce Pain, swelling and stiffness
  3. Reduce the need for opioids

We don’t think investing in your health to feel better and live better should have a price tag. We are highly educated professionals who will offer the best treatment plan to suit your goals and needs, and if needed tailored to what you can afford.

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