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Suffering from persistent neck pain can impede daily activities and reduce the quality of life. While there can be numerous reasons for neck pain, seeking specialized treatment is crucial for a quick and lasting recovery. If you’re in Calgary NW, considering chiropractic care can be a game-changer. Let’s dive deep into the world of chiropractic solutions at Market Mall.

The underlying causes of neck pain

  • Stress and anxiety: Psychological factors play a crucial role in the onset of neck pain.
  • Desk jobs: Prolonged sustained postures lead to more prone injuries.
  • Labour-intensive tasks: Holding awkward positions for extended periods causes strain.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: A lack of physical activity can weaken neck muscles.
  • Sleeping habits: Your sleeping position might be doing more harm than good.
  • Physical injuries: Trauma can directly damage neck muscles and ligaments.
  • Muscle overuse: Repeated actions strain the neck.
  • Medical conditions: Diseases like arthritis can cause chronic neck pain.
  • Carrying habits: Improperly carrying bags such as purses or backpacks can misalign the neck.

The path to treatment and recovery

For treatment to be truly effective, pinpointing the root cause of the neck pain is essential. At Market Mall, our chiropractic professionals begin with:

  • Subjective Assessment: We listen to your experiences and stories.
  • Objective Examination: A hands-on approach helps us identify the primary source of pain.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Tailored strategies guide you on your journey to recovery.

Why consider a chiropractor for neck pain?

Chiropractic care isn’t just about adjustments; it’s about holistic wellness. It helps with:

  • Spinal alignments
  • Nerve function improvements
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Boosting muscle strength and endurance

The end goal? Enhancing your range of motion, reducing muscular knots, increasing strength, and reigniting your passion for daily activities. Collaborative care, involving physical therapists and massage professionals, often amplifies the results.

The art of neck adjustments

A neck adjustment, or cervical manipulation, is a meticulous procedure aimed at normalizing spinal function. With extensive schooling and practice, our chiropractors at Market Mall specialize in these techniques, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Benefits of chiropractic adjustments for neck pain

The advantages of chiropractic interventions include:

  • Alleviation of nerve pressure
  • Muscular tissue relaxation
  • Short-term pain relief
  • Enhanced movement flexibility

Remember, adjustments provide immediate relief, but long-term effects are optimized when combined with exercise and a dedicated home program.

When do you need a neck adjustment?

Every individual’s experience is unique. Common indicators include persistent pain, limited neck motion, and discomfort in neck-related movements. At Market Mall, the decision to adjust is a collaborative one between patient and practitioner.

Chiropractic care vs. massage for neck pain

Massage therapy, with its vast range of benefits, stands as a valuable partner to chiropractic care. It enhances muscle and nerve relaxation, boosts blood circulation, improves movement range, facilitates lymphatic drainage, and fortifies the mind-body connection. Furthermore, massage therapy can act as a stress buster, complementing chiropractic and physiotherapy in treating neck pain.


Neck pain, though common, shouldn’t be left untreated. With the right care, recovery is within reach. If you’re in Calgary NW, consider Market Mall’s comprehensive chiropractic solutions to rejuvenate your life. Whether it’s chiropractic adjustments, collaborative healthcare, or massage therapy, we’ve got your back… and neck!

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