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Dealing with shoulder pain in Calgary NW? You’re not alone. Shoulder pain is a common issue faced by many, with diverse reasons contributing to the discomfort. While some might resort to quick fixes, physiotherapy stands out as a research-backed remedy. At Market Mall, our physiotherapy services are specially tailored for shoulder pain relief. Let’s delve deeper into understanding shoulder pain, its main causes, and why physiotherapy at Market Mall is your ultimate solution.

What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain might seem like a simple inconvenience, but its causes can be multifaceted and often interconnected. Understanding these causes is the first step in finding a solution.

Overuse and imbalance

Frequently using large muscles while neglecting the smaller ones can lead to an imbalance. This overuse often results in shoulder pain, particularly if the smaller muscles aren’t trained sufficiently.

Lifestyle factors

  • Undertrained/weak muscles: Just like the foundation of a building, our muscles provide support. Weak muscles, especially around the shoulder, make us prone to injuries.
  • Lack of sleep and poor diet: A healthy lifestyle plays a pivotal role in our body’s functionality. An insufficient sleep schedule or an inadequate diet can accelerate muscle degradation, making one more susceptible to shoulder pain.
  • Stress: Mental well-being is as important as physical. Elevated stress levels can manifest physically, leading to pain in areas like the shoulder.
  • Not meeting minimum physical activity standards: Remaining sedentary or not engaging in the recommended levels of physical activity can lead to muscle stiffness and pain.

Age and activity-related causes

As we age, certain age-related changes, like tendon dysfunction and arthritis, become apparent. Activities such as repetitive overhead tasks, or incorrect lifting techniques (like lifting too heavy too quickly) can also precipitate shoulder discomfort.

Physiotherapy: A researched remedy for shoulder pain

When it comes to treating shoulder pain, one solution stands out—physiotherapy. Research indicates that physiotherapy, along with other conservative measures, is the most supported solution for shoulder pain relief. Surprisingly, shoulder pain has a more significant impact on an individual’s quality of life than even knee or lower back pain. With over half the population likely to experience shoulder pain annually, physiotherapy’s importance can’t be emphasized enough.

Benefits of physiotherapy for shoulder pain

  • Improved Symptoms and Resilience: A tailored strength and conditioning program can enhance tissue resilience and reduce symptoms.
  • Positive Impact on Perception: Physiotherapy can shift one’s perspective on pain, leading to improvements in various life facets.
  • Addressing the Root Cause: Rather than just offering temporary relief, physiotherapy focuses on rectifying the root cause, ensuring long-term comfort.

Determining the number of physio sessions

The number of physio sessions required varies from individual to individual. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, our commitment remains the same: a thorough examination, personalized treatment plans, and home exercise programs designed for you. Our focus is always on achieving long-term benefits, rather than just seeking quick fixes.

Achieving rapid shoulder pain relief

The fastest route to curing shoulder pain lies in identifying its root cause. Our physiotherapists begin with a detailed subjective component, listening intently to your story. We then move to an objective assessment, examining the shoulder and adjoining areas, and formulating a diagnostic plan. This co-created plan of care serves as a guidepost for your recovery journey.

Often, the key to effective pain reduction is adherence to the devised plan, making necessary lifestyle modifications, and tweaking daily activities. With the right team by your side, like our experts at Market Mall, these changes are more manageable, making your road to recovery smoother.

Role of massage in shoulder pain management

While physiotherapy remains pivotal, massage therapy can be a valuable complementary approach. It not only helps reduce shoulder pain sensitivity but also aids in relaxation and de-stressing. By addressing both physical discomfort and psychological fears, massage therapy provides a holistic approach to healing.

Exercises and shoulder pain

At Market Mall, we believe in the power of movement. Instead of strictly avoiding certain activities, we focus on gradual reintroduction. Post-examination, our physiotherapists will guide you on the movements to be cautious with. We operate with an optimistic approach, focusing on capabilities rather than limitations. Our aim? To use challenging positions as benchmarks and motivators in your rehabilitation journey.


Shoulder pain might be common, but enduring it shouldn’t be the norm. At Market Mall in Calgary NW, our expert physiotherapists are ready to assist. Backed by science and personalized to your needs, our physiotherapy services offer an effective solution to shoulder pain. Visit us today, and embark on a journey towards a pain-free life.

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